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Hi there,

My name is Brian Siebert, owner of Canyon Coffee. Last November, we re-launched a fun product called the Press-Bot coffee press. It is the only coffee press to work in a standard Nalgene Bottle.

Press Bot


I first saw the Press-Bot a number of years back, while guiding backpack trips in Escalante, Utah. It was just the thing I was looking for. A bomber way to make good coffee quickly. Soon, all the guys in our outfit were wanting the Press-Bots on their trips.

Canyon Hike

Canyon Hike

Over the years, I would search for replacement coffee presses, but could find none. Press-Bots were no longer in production.

It is such a cool idea. I couldn’t see the Press-Bot just fade away. So, I tracked down it’s inventor, a Colorado rock climber, and pitched my idea. He was stoked to know that people were still excited about the Press-Bots.

Colorado River

Colorado River

The Press-Bot has a proven track record of selling over 13,000 units annually. The success of Canyon Coffee’s Kickstarter Project was huge, over 350% above goal. You want the Press-Bot in your store.

Canyon Coffee is strongly committed to excellent service and would like to do business with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Thank you.

Happy Hiking,
Brian Siebert

phone: 928/637-6145
email: canyoncoffee.us@gmail.com
web: canyoncoffee.us

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