Melitta Ready-Set-Joe single cup coffee brewer
In the early 20th century, Melitta Bentz, a German housewife, forever revolutionized coffee preparation with her invention of a new coffee brewing process… the Pour-Over.

Today, more than 100 years later, coffee shops and coffee aficionados across the world still consider her brewing process the best and easiest way to prepare fresh gourmet coffee.

Melitta Pour-Over coffee brewers give you full control over the coffee extraction process, allowing you to brew the ultimate, hand crafted cup of coffee in just seconds.
Need a mug? Try the Melitta Ready-Set-Joe with Mug.

  • Super easy to use -No moving parts
  • uses very common filters-available worldwide
  • Feather-weight, BPA free construction (1.9oz)
  • Slow drip tip allows better brew control
  • Cone window allows you to see cup level
  • Super-Premium filters are included
  • Demo Video

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