PRESS-BOT – turn your Nalgene into a high quality french press

Press-Bot animationTurn your Nalgene bottle into a high quality French Press
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Live Demo from the Paria Canyon Wilderness.
Instructional Video showing the Press-Bot Hand Jive.
  • works with any 32 oz large-mouth Nalgene bottle
  • durable aluminum, high-impact plastic, and precision etched filter Details
  • light weight at 2.4 oz (68 g)
  • packs away inside Nalgene bottle 
  • make a bottle of coffee, tea, or yerba mate for everyone in camp, or drink it all yourself 
  • no trash and no filters to dispose of 
  • doubles as a camera stand 
  • non-toxic when used with a BPA free Nalgene, our custom Nalgene Bot-Bots are rated for boiling
    water, more information at
Just got my press-bot in today…did a test run with my little alcohol burning “stever stove” out back and everything worked great! (and the north rim roast was delicious) Defiantly earned its spot in my adventure-riding/camping backpack…
Thanks guys for a great product! –Maxwell Nostrand