Press-Bot | A High Quality French Press in a Nalgene Bottle


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About Canyon Coffee

Brian Siebert first saw the Press-Bot several years back while guiding backpack trips in Escalante, Utah. It was just the thing he was looking for, a bomber way to make good coffee quickly. Soon, all the guides wanted the Press-Bot, a high-quality french press, for their backpacking trips.

Over the years, Brian searched for replacement coffee presses but could find none. Press-Bots were no longer in production. The Press-Bot is an excellent idea, and he couldn't watch it fade away. So, Brian tracked down its inventor, a Colorado rock climber, and pitched his idea to bring back the Press-Bot. With the success of Canyon Coffee's Kickstarter Project, the Press-Bot was brought back and is now available for your trailside coffee.

Canyon Coffee is strongly committed to excellent service. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Thank you.


Canyon Coffee is located in Flagstaff, AZ Near the heart of year round camping, backpacking, mountain biking, bikepacking, climbing and more.